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Rice Recipes | Collection of Best Veg Rice Recipes on blog in one place. Click on photo or link to read detailed recipe post.

Rice is a staple food in many parts of our country especially in southern and eastern part. Rice can be prepared in “n” no. of ways. You just need to play around with ingredients.

There are many such rice recipes that are still in my to-do list especially South Indian ones. Some are yet to post on blog which I will update soon. So in the meantime I have collected all rice recipes here for all my readers.

As I said there is no limitation to any recipes as such. You can play around with ingredients to create some delicious recipes.

For example: There is not much difference between jeera rice and ghee rice. In Jeera rice cumin seeds play major role and put in more quantity than any other rice so that rice will get nice nutty earthy flavour of cumin seeds.

Similarly in ghee rice main ingredients are ghee and nuts (like cashew, raisins) to bring in that rich aroma and flavor in rice.

Sweet rice (meetha bhaat) is another rice recipe that is similar to ghee rice but we use jaggery to sweeten it. You can add vegetable to this also. This is again good for kids and toddlers. You add some coconut to the sweet rice and it will be traditional maharashtrian narali bhaat.

So it’s all about the dominant ingredient and spices in a rice recipe along with the process used to cook. Some times we use pressure cooker (instant rice biryanis), sometimes on open pan or saucepan (mexican rice) and sometimes on tawa or flat pan (tawa pulao).

When rice is cooked with aromatic spices, it itself is a complete dish. You just need some tangy raita or salan kind of dish to accompany rice.

Read here some side dish that will go best with any of our rice recipes:

Veg Raita: combination of curd, cucumber, tomato, onion, chillies and coriander leaves.

Boondi Raita: mixture of curd and boondi, added herbs and spices.

Bagara Baingan: tangy spicy eggplant curry cooked in authentic Hyderabadi style

Bhindi ka salan: This is also a tangy okra recipe in Hyderabadi style

Dahi Baingan: Eggplants are cooked in curd base gravy. I have a collection of 3 types of dahi baingan on blog. Try them.

Here is a collection of simple rice recipes for our everyday food and you may love to make them on special occasions.

Rice Recipes | Collection of Best Veg Rice Recipes

Instant Vegetable Biryani

Instant veg biryani is a mix vegetable biryani recipe that is cooked in pressure cooker or rice cooker. This is a vegetable loaded rice recipe that is not only easy to make but also quick biryani recipe. Aromatic whole spices of biryani masala makes this rice flavorful.

rice recipes

Mixed Veg Fried Rice (Indian)

Mixed veg fried rice is stir fried with lots of veggies and mild spices. This is cooked in Indian fried rice style. However this is a quick recipe and one of the best twist to your leftover rice. Mix veg fried rice has all goodness of vegetables. Add vegetables and paneer to your fried rice. Serve with raita.

Mix Veg Fried Rice

Methi Matar Pulao

Methi matar pulao is a delightful aromatic rice pulao cooked with fenugreek leaves and green peas. This is a winter special rice recipe as you will get fresh methi or fenugreek leaves as well as peas. However you can use frozen ones also. This is a quick tiffin box recipe also.

Mexican Fried Rice

Mexican Fried Rice is basically a vegetarian version of mexican rice. Normally mexican rice is prepared with chicken stock which I have replaced with vegetable stock. Like other mexican food corn, tomatoes plays and important role in this rice. This is a quick one-pot rice pulao and an wonderful tiffin box idea.

Narali Bhat / Coconut Rice

Narali bhat or coconut rice is a sweet rice recipe which is a delicacy of Maharashtra. This is made on shravan poornima occasion. You can make on any other days also. I have used jaggery or jaggery powder or sugar to sweeten the rice. Peanuts and shredded coconut is important along with some aromatic whole spices. This is a must-try recipe.

Beetroot Fried Rice

Another fragrant and flavorful rice recipe which I have adapted from my mom. This rice has so many nostalgic memories linked to my golden childhood days. This is loaded with lots of healthy vegetables, nuts and raisins. I have made this using pressure cooker. Rice cookers and instant pots are other quick ways to make this.

Dal Khichdi

Dal khichdi is a comfort food which is not only quick but also a life saver for your lazy days when you don’t feel like spending some hours in kitchen. This is a one pot recipe and it’s one of the healthiest dish on earth. This is a simple recipe with rice and dal. Normally we take moong dal (husked / dehusked). But you can choose any lentils of your choice. But for that you need to soak lentils for little longer as rice gets cooked easily than that of lentils.

Dahi Rice/ Curd Rice

Dahi rice or curd rice originally belongs to South India. But it’s one of my favorite. This is a kid friendly dish. Even my kid is very fond of this rice. This is one of the simplest rice yet it’s flavourful because of curry leaves, mustard seeds. It has a distinct taste that makes it different from other rice dishes.

Mushroom Matar Pulao

Another delicious rice with heavenly combination of mushrooms and green peas. To keep the earthy flavors intact, I have added minimal ground spices and more of whole spices. Extremely easy and one of the best and filling tiffin box recipe. However you can add other vegetables to make this even more healthy. But alone this combination also tastes great.

Vegetable Tehri

Vegetable tehri is a North Indian name for veg pulao. This is an aromatic rice pilaf cooked in pressure cooker along with lots of vegetables. This rice pulao is a one pot dish and a quick rice recipe which takes less than 15 minutes to prepare this. This veggies loaded rice is perfect for tiffin box. Otherwise it goes very well with raita, curd, buttermilk etc.

Cauliflower Schezwan Fried Rice

I loved this cauliflower schezwan fried rice. This is a perfect blend of schezwan sauce along with cauliflower balls or sticks. Perfect for lazy days when you want to rely on your comfort food collection. To bring in more flavour add lots of spring onions to this Indo-Chinese rice. Again one great tiffin box idea.

Nutty Lemon Rice

Nutty Lemon Rice is tangy flavorful rice which is crunchy also because of the fried peanuts. Originally this is a South Indian rice. This is perfect combination of flavors that with remind you of our south food. Lemon juice adds that extra punch of flavor along with lots of curry leaves. You can make it spicy also to enhance the taste. Again this is a kids friendly rice and another quick tiffin box recipe.

Baby Potato Dum Biryani

Baby potato dum biryani is basically potato dum biryani. But I love baby potatoes and they look good in any dishes. You can take normal potatoes cut in larger chunks. The aromatic spices adds so much flavor to the rice that you would love to make this again and again. I have used dum cooking method to prepare this biryani. Use long grain basmati rice or biryani rice.

Instant Soya Biryani

This soyabean briyani is an one pot dish similar to veg biryani. I have replaced vegetables with healthy and protein rich soya chunks. More than that this is a quick biryani as you don’t need to do any chopping and preparation for this. In takes 2 minutes to soften the soya chunks before adding to our biryani. Hence one of my best kids tiffin box recipe on blog.

Mumbai Street Side Tawa Pulao

Tawa pulao is one famous mumbai street side food. This spicy tangy rice is generally available in almost all pav bhaji stalls. The reason is that this is quite similar to our mumbai special pav bhaji. We use almost same vegetables, seasoning and spices to make this rice. This is best with leftover rice and another rice recipe for your tiffin box.

Sama Chawal Khichdi

Sama chawal or samvat is a popular millet in India. Normally we make this rice during our fasting days when we refrain ourselves from eating regular grains like rice or wheat. So this is a quick and filling fasting recipe. You can add potatoes, bottle gourd and tomatoes that you can eat on such days. Use rock salt in place of regular iodine salt.


Veg Arancini From Dal Khichdi

Crispy Crunchy outside and cheesy inside. Arancini is an Italian dish which is a cheesy rice ball. This is a perfect snack for my kid. I have made this from leftover dal khichdi. But you can make this from fresh ones also. Take nly cooked rice or mix some cooked lentils to give this a protein pack twist.


Rice Pudding

An easy dessert of rice and milk. It’s one of the quickest dessert on earth you can make. It hardly takes 10 – 15 minutes to make this rice kheer. Extremely delicious and creamy dessert. Here you can use sama rice if you want to make your kheer for fasting days.

Kheer Puda

Kheer puda is a Punjabi dessert. This is normally a combination of two sweet dishes like kheer (rice pudding) along with puda (malpua). Both are heavenly combination indeed. Here the puda I have made is whole wheat malpua which is better than that of refined flour ones. Nuts and raisins gives this kheer puda little crunchy bite and adds to the flavor.

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