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Many people run away in the name of cooking and some give excuse that “I don’t know cooking” and for some others “We don’t have time to spend in kitchen”.

Well I have answer for all of them. Some friends i know genuinely dislike cooking, reason even they cant say.

When you are talking about lack of time, can be possible. But there are several ways you only need in a day to feed yourself quality food. Do you want to compromise on health by eating unhealthy food outside??

Health is after all wealth. If you will not take care of your health, your body in the name shake of time then who is going to pay in long run?? You will have to spend only 30 -45 minutes in a span of 24 hours for your health. However you can always take help of external help like maid and cook but that comes with price again you will have to compromise on taste if you are not lucky enough to get a good cook.

Then comes the famous tagline “I don’t know”. So friends there is always good news for you. You can learn always and there are numerous sources available in this digital world.

When someone gives excuse that I don’t know for any thing, one very famous quote comes to my mind, “Ignorance is bliss”. But friends there is a newer version of this, i.e. “Ignorance is bliss, untill you hit the ground”- Sadguru

Don’t polish your ignorance else it will shine – Sadguru

Friends trust me cooking is really not that tough if you want to learn. In fact nothing is difficult if you wish to learn.

Once you will start learning step by step you may fall in love with this just like how I fell in love with this beautiful art.

We all are in learning stage. Some as beginners and some are experts in the respective field. But the fact is we all are learning on daily basis. Learning is a continuous process and should not be stopped as it’s the only thing that makes us wise and at the same time we should be open to share our knowledge to others.

Few tips I have mentioned here which are totally on the basis of my experience and some lessons by experienced elders. So I trust them completely.

Some of the tips are:

  • Be cautious while cooking for your safety. The most important thing is turn off the gas stove after cooking is over.
  • Never keep the gas stove and your induction plugged in at the same time. Use any of the one to avoid any disasters.
  • Use chopping board and chop at slow pace when you are a beginner. You might hurt yourself while chopping. Don’t use very large size knife for chopping vegetables or fruits.
  • Keep separate knife for vegetable and fruits. You are non-vegetarian keep different set of chopper and board.
  • Wash the vegetables before chopping as washing after chopping will decrease the minerals and vitamins of the vegetables.
  • Maximum fibres and minerals are in the outer skin of vegetables and fruits. Consume fruits with its skin else the nutrition value decreases. In case of vegetables, if peeling is required peel very thin layer to avoid loss of minerals.
  • Wash green leafy vegetables properly before chopping. Minimum 3 -4 times to be washed to remove the dirt completely.
  • While blanching the palak or any green leaf wash it immediately with cold water to stop being over cooked and loss of nutrition.
  • Clean the leaves of methi (fenugreek). Don’t wash and store the leaves in air tight box or pouch and store inside freeze. When required take out and wash them properly and then chop. This saves time when you are in hurry as cleaning the leaves is tame taking task. So do it in free time and store for use in anytime. This can be stored for 7 – 10 days. Leaves will be fresh as well.
  • Before storing chillies, remove the stems and they can be stored fresh in paper bags.
  • To avoid tears while chopping of onion, keep the onion halves in water for 5 mins.
  • Brinjals and potatoes are kept in water after chopping else it turns brown/ black. Strain them just before cooking and adding to pan.
  • Grated bottle gourd (Lauki) turns brown i.e. changes color if not kept in water. Squeeze the grated lauki completely before adding to flour.

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