Top 10 Keto Vegetables

Today’s hot topic is keto diet or ketogenic diet. Every place you will get good resource about keto process and the food for this process. Ketogenic diet in brief is a diet which consists of low carbohydrate and high fat (LCHF). The science behind this is our body uses glucose as a source of energy. So how we gain weight with that?

One, Glucose restores water for its storage and hence water retention occurs and we gain weight.

Second, The fat we eat doesn’t get utilised and hence adds to weight gain.

Now what will happen if you will stop intake of carbohydrate and fat both? Of course you will increase more fiber and protein in your diet. But since the body will not get enough energy source, it will start utilizing your muscle cells to create that energy source. In this process you might lose weight but at a cost of muscle loss.

Luckily our body is that adaptable and it has many back up plans to survive in adverse situation. And one of them is Ketosis. This is a automated mechanism where in absence of carbohydrate and glucose body will try to break the fat cells in liver and produce ketones which are used as energy source by body and brain. Brain can not use direct fat cells and requires fast moving energy cells for functioning. That’s why the fat cell breaks down to energy cells known as ketones. So in this diet you have to minimize your carb portion to 5% of your daily intake, moderately protein (20%) intake and maximize the fat intake (70%). Again fat does not include trans-fat. This 5% of carb can be customized to maximum of 50gm carb depending your body type and activity level.

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Friends lets be very clear before starting this diet as this is a kind of strict diet where you can not  go on and off with this diet else you might get some serious negative effect and ultimately instead of shredding extra pounds you might get some more extra and gain weight. There are vegetables and fruits which are high on carbohydrate and hence needs to be avoided in the process. Try to avoid under ground vegetables as they are rich in carb.  The best pick for keto diet is high in nutrition and low in carb. To choose its bit easier as they are dark, leafy and above ground vegetables but again check the nutrition value before starting your diet.

Top 10 Low Carb Vegetables:

1. Broccoli

If you want to rate broccoli on nutrition fact this is a five star food. While low in calorie, its rich in vitamins and minerals. Its rich in fibre and contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc. Its a good source of vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid. It has only 4g carb per 1 cup.

2. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a great keto food with low carb. This is also a nutritious vegetable and full in vitamins and minerals. It has many properties similar to broccolli as they belong to same family. It has vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, pottasium, fibre, magnesium, folate manganese. Cauliflower contains only 2g of carbohydrate per serving of 100g.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is a super healthy vegetable full of nutrients. Its a low calorie veggie with high dietary fiber. It has vitamin K 63% and vitamin C 65%, folate 13%. It has only 4g carb per serving of 100g. This is also a low fat food but still considered as good food for keto diet because of other nutrition values.

Recipe: Cabbage Fry, Cabbage Soup

4. Zucchini

Its high source of anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, protein and fiber. Its low in calorie and carbohydrates. It has high water content and rich in fibre and hence great for weightloss. It has only 2g carb per 100g of serving.

5. Bell Peppers

These are available in different colors and versatile vegetables can be added to any dish. The color comes from the carotenoid stored in it’s flesh. They have a distinct flavor and taste. They are extremely nutritious. As they are low calorie veggies are recommended for keto diet. It has 4g carb per serving of 100 gm.

6. Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the low carb vegetable with 4g carb per 100g out of which 2 g is dietary carb.

Its high in several vitamins and minerals. Its rich in vitamin A, C, K & folate.

7. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are very refreshing. They are used in salads, dips etc. they are considered best in summer season to beat the heat and keep you hydrated for long.

It has high water content and that’s why keeps you full for long. Its one of the low carb vegetable as contains only 1 g digestible carb.

8. Mushrooms

Mushroom are also above ground vegetables which are low carb. It has only 2g carb per serving of 100g. Mushrooms provide you with lean protein since they contain no cholesterol and no fat. Its full with protein and fiber and anti oxidant properties along with anti inflammatory. This is helpful in protecting body from many diseases as it contains high amount of amino acids who work as anti-oxidants.

9. Spinach

A versatile leafy vegetable used in many form of cooking name it soup, sauteed form, as a curry base and many form. This is a leafy vegetable which is powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and other nutrients. This is one of the best best food for weight-loss and diabetic people. Its calcium is beneficial for our bone health. Its low in calorie and low in carbohydrate and good option for keto diet. It has only 2 g dietary carb per serving of 100g.

Try tasty and healthy Soupy Spinach, Spinach Lentils Soup, Fenugreek Spinach Kadhi, Sauteed Garlic Spinach etc.

10. Green Beans

Green beans are high in fiber and many other vitamins like vitamin A, C, K, B6, Folate and many minrealslike calcium, iron, magnesium, copper etc.

They also contain high amount of antioxidants and is one super food for bone and overall health. It has only 4g dietary carb per 100g.




There are many more vegetables who are low in carb. Again another aspect to consider in choosing food for keto diet is that low carb vegetables can also be low in fat. So they can be combined with other fatty food. E.g if you are non vegetarian then you can opt for meat, fish, poultry for fat along with low carb veggies to get a balanced diet. Or if you are complete vegetarian then also you can choose other fat sources like hard cheese, butter, olive oil, nuts and seeds to get equal fat portion in your keto meal. So choose wisely and plan a menu so that you wont get bored with similar food everyday.

Keep yourself motivated. My suggestion which I even do. Keep a weighing machine at home. You can check weekly basis to check weight-loss so that you can feel happy and motivated as well. I used to check on daily morning before having my breakfast. Even a loss of 200gm to some days 500gm motivated me a lot. Hope this will motivate you as well.

Thanks for your patience. Please feel free to add valuable suggestion related to this.

Eat Healthy. Stay Healthy.


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