Top 10 Drinks for this summer season

Top 10 Drinks for this summer season

Summer is known for holidays, vacation time which means family time and enjoyment but the bad part is it’s also known for the heat and humidity. It comes with a long list of problems too – skin, hair, health problems. Because of excess heat there are high chances of heavy sweating, dizziness, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, sun burn, or in worst case sun stroke. It also decreases appetite to eat more.

But friends remember we have to be very careful in sunny season. Treat your body with healthy as well as hydrating food. Avoid tea, coffee and other caffeine products. Eat more fruits and drink lots of juice and water and keeping our body hydrated is major challenge as with heat our body dissipates more liquid from our body.

Here is a list of top 10 summer drinks for this summer season.

Let’s make 10 hydrating and easy summer drinks.

I) Buttermilk or Chaas –

Buttermilk is made from curd. It has cooling properties and hence highly recommended for summers. It’s in fact diluted form of curd which is filling and reduces body heat.

Preparation: Take 250 gm Curd. Beat the curd to smooth. Add 1glass water, ½ tsp salt or black salt. Garnish with crushed roasted cumin seeds. Or you can add a pinch of jaljira powder for a minty flavor.

II) Sweet Sikanji (Lemonade)

Sweet Sikanji is famous in north India. In fact its Indian version of lemonade which is known in different names in different parts of country. The sweet and sour taste of lemonade is really tasty and gives us cooling in summers.

Preparation: It’s made by adding 2 tbsp of sugar or one tbsp sugar syrup to 1 glass of cold water. Squeeze ½ lemons to the glass and mix well. For more tanginess add jaljira powder to this also.

III) Lassi –

Lassi is a famous drink of North India especially Punjab is known for Sweet Lassi. This is made up of curd and sugar syrup. It has cooling effect because of its main ingredient curd.

Preparation: Beat curd to smooth and blend together with sugar or sugar syrup. Garnish with finely chopped dry fruits.

Summer drink
IV) Bel Sarbat –

Bel sharbat is made from pulp of Bel fruit which is otherwise known as wood apple and widely available in summer season. It has more water content and it’s sweet in taste. And that’s how it keeps us full and hydrating in this summer season. This is also full of nutrition.

Preparation: This is prepared by squeezing out the pulps of the fruit and then blended to a smooth puree. You can add additional sugar as per your taste. Also add ½ tsp black pepper powder and water 1 glass. Mix well and garnish with finely chopped dry fruits and 1 sprig mint leaves.

Wood Apple Juice
Wood Apple Juice
V) Sattu Juice –

It’s traditional dish originated from Bihar. Sattu lemon drink can be both savoury and sweet drink. It’s basically flour made from roasted black chickpeas (chana) or bengal gram or from mix of both. It has naturally cooling properties. It is super filling and healthy as well.

Preparation: Mix 3 – 4 tbsp sattu powder to one glass cold water. Add 1 tbsp sugar and mix well. For better taste you can add 1 tsp lemon juice to it. You can replace sugar with ½ tsp salt and a pinch of jaljira powder.

VI) Cantaloupe Basil Lemonade-

Cantaloupe or melons are available extensively in summers. It has 90% water content and hence it’s filling. It has many other health benefits as it’s full of nutrition. Basils are also known for their cooling properties as it reduces body heat and considered as a super herb. Adding lemon to any juice makes it more tasty and filling.

Preparation: peel the outer skin and dice the melon to medium size pieces. Blend it in a blender with 1 tbsp sugar syrup. Dilute with required water 1 – 1.5 glass. Squeeze 1 lemon to it and add 3 -4 tbsp sugar syrup. You can skip sugar syrup to have natural and healthy juice.

VII) Watermelon Juice

Water melon is also filled with 97% water. This is an excellent summer drink known for its cooling properties. The sugary sweet pulp can quench the summer thrust. The more red the pulp the sweeter the watermelon.

Preparation: Watermelon drinks are easy to make and super summer drinks. Remove the pulp of watermelon. Remove the seeds and put them in a blender. Add sugar as required and blend to smooth juice. You can strain the rough pieces but my suggestion don’t strain as it does not contain any seeds in the juice.  Squeeze half lemon if want lemonade.

VIII) Aam ka Panna –

This is sweet and salty drink made from raw mango. Its tanginess makes it flavourful. This is seasonal drink as mangoes are available in summers only.

Preparation: Boil and cook the raw mangoes in pan or cooker till it’s soft and cooked properly. In cooker it takes about 2 whistles. Remove the skin and squeeze out the pulp to a blender and blend to a smooth puree. Add water as per required consistency. Add sugar and salt. Then garnish with dry roasted cumin seeds. Crush the cumin seeds roughly before adding to the panna.

Read How to Make Aam Panna Here.

IX) Mango Lassi –

Mango lassi is made from curd and seasonal fruit mango. Its sweet in taste and very delicious and filling. Mango is full of nutrition as a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Preparation: Take out the pulp of mango (mango puree/ aam ras). Blend together with equal quantity curd in a blender. Add required quantity sugar to the mix. Garnish with finely chopped dry fruits.

X) Mango Milkshake –

This is another super drink for summers. As the name says it all, it’s fusion of mango pulp and healthy milk. This is super yummy and favourite drink of kids. Mango Milkshake is my all time favourite.

Preparation: Take out pulp of mangoes and blend to a puree. Add sugar while grinding. Add milk and mix well. You can top it with your flavour of ice cream and chopped dry fruits to enhance the taste.

In fact all fruits are recommended for the summer season as fruits keep you full without compromising on nutritional values. More over its an advice to eat more of vitamin A and Vitamin C rich fruits as they will help in maintaining your skin health as well in summers. Especially mango and papaya help in acts as natural sunscreen and an amazing reward for skin.

However there are some other drinks which can be made easily and readily available in market like Glucon D, Rasna, Fruit Squash, Fruit Crush with chilled water to get instant cooling effect and energy in sunny summers.

So eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated and enjoy the summer season with tasty and yummy smoothies and shakes.

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