Thank you dear readers. You have stopped at a food blog & this shows your interest in cooking and food. So we are on the same platform.

Friends when we leave home for higher studies or job you know what we miss the most? There could be many things and a long list. But which topped the list is our food which our mom makes with love and feeds us. When you come back from school, college or office, the first thing your mother asks is “Did you have food?” and then she serves you with all her love.

When I was staying in hostel during my MBA, I missed my mom’s food so much that before going to home for  vacation I used to prepare a long list of food that I wanted to eat in that vacation of 10 – 15 days. There is a magic in mom’s love. They don’t follow any recipe book. But whenever they cook its so perfect and so delicious which no restaurants may match. You all know the secret ingredient they put in their recipe. Its their unconditional love. Right? Don’t you all agree with me? I wonder how can somebody selflessly do so much for others. To cook for whole family, standing in kitchen for long hours, preparing food with love and serving with love and all these without a single complaint makes them super-mom.

Staying out for years initially I depended a lot on outside food out of my laziness. But there came a moment when I realised the difference between surviving on unhealthy food and staying healthy. I started cooking at home. I knew cooking and since childhood I used to help my mother in cooking. So when I thought to start cooking it was not that difficult for me.

Friends the core is nothing is impossible. You can learn cooking at any point of time. There is no age limit for this. But one should have interest and passion towards cooking. There is no other way you can distress your loved family members. Keeping view my journey and learning, I thought to make it available to all of you in a easy format.

Recently I have complied two cook books, Easy to Cook – My Recipe Book 1 & From a Mother’s Kitchen.

These two books are a complete guide for beginners. The recipes mentioned are Indian easy to cook vegetarian foods. 90% recipes are cooked in 30 – 40 minutes. Please follow links below to find these books. Please post your suggestions in comment box or write to me

  1. Easy to Cook – My Recipe Book 1

From A Mother’s Kitchen: A Collection of 161 Indian Vegetarian Easy to Cook Everyday Recipes