30 Popular Indian Breakfast Recipes

Indian breakfast recipes

30 Popular Indian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is an important part of our daily routine. It’s very essential for us to have good healthy breakfast that will give us energy for the whole day. This is the first meal of the day.

Well this is called as breakfast because it breaks fast of 8 hrs.

“Eat Breakfast Like a KING, Lunch Like a PRINCE and Dinner like a BEGGAR”. 

Why Breakfast is important meal of the day:

  • Kick starts metabolism & thus helps to burn calories throughout the day
  • Restores glucose level to perform optimal brain function
  • Helps in improving concentration level
  • Boosts energy level for the day
  • Reduces weight-gain and hence controls obesity
  • Controls high Blood Pressure, Diabetes & Heart Diseases

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Here is a collection of 30 everyday Indian breakfast recipes that are easy to make and also equally healthy at the same time.

1. Maharashtrian Kanda Poha

Amongst all Indian breakfast recipes, this one is more commonly made at my home as this is easy, quick and healthy option. Kanda poha is a traditional Maharashtrian dish that is made from poha or puffed rice. Kanda or onions, peanuts and potatoes are shallow fried and mixed with soaked poha. This is an easy and quick breakfast recipe.

2. Vegetable Upma

Vegetable upma is another common and healthy breakfast recipe. Semolina or suji or rava is the key ingredient in making upma. However you can always add variation to upma ad add whatever veggies you want to add.

This is one good food for kids as well. It’s rich in protein and fiber also. So it keeps us full for a long time. It’s again low in carb and hence really healthy breakfast item for us.

3. Masala Toast Sandwich

This is one of the most common type of sandwich that I make quite often at home. This is a kids friendly dish that you can make for your kids tiffin box also.

In this recipe, I have taken boiled and mashed potatoes for stuffing. Again you can add spices to these mashed potatoes or you can saute with spices for 2 minutes. Both way it’s equally tasty.

I add a slice of cheese for my kid to make it little cheesy.

Potato cheese sandwich for kids

4. Tomato Omelette

Tomato omelette is basically our vegan omelette which is made from gram flour or chickpeas flour. This is also equally delicious and easy to prepare. Not much of preparation required in fact to make this breakfast dish. This is also another great tiffin box recipe for kids.

Normally we add onion tomatoes green coriander leaves, chillies to this. But to add variation you can add some grated or blanched veggies or shredded greens to this chilla.

Tomato omelette

5. Bread Pakoda

Bread pakoda is a popular street food in North India. These are normally potato stuffed breads coated with gram flour batter. These are deep fried snacks. Normally we stuff spiced potatoes in this. But to make it little more healthy you can also add grated paneer and other sauteed vegetables.

bread pakoda

6. Veg Daliya Khichdi

Daliya khichdi is my all time favorite. Though I don’t like daliya much, This one has stole my heart. This khichdi is extremely easy to prepare. Load it with whatever vegetables you want to add. I use pressure cooker to make this. However you can make this very conveniently in instant pot or electric cooker or in stove top pan.

Daliya Khichdi

7. Vermicelli Pulao

Vermicelli pulao or semiya pulao is a savory dish made from vermicelli. These are sauteed with vegetables and aromatic spices. Again this is an easy breakfast recipe and kids friendly dish as well.

Vermicelli Pulao

8. Vermicelli Upma

Vermicelli upma is similar to upma recipe except for semolina, we are adding vermicelli here. Load it will carrots, cauliflower, peas, potatoes and other vegetables of your choice. Extremely easy to make this delicious breakfast recipe.

vermicelli recipes

9. Onion Uttapam

Onion uttapam is one of the South Indian dish like dosa and sambar. This is easy to prepare if you have batter ready. Once you make batter, you can store this in refrigerator for 5 – 7 days.

Batter is made from mixture of rice and lentils. Also you need to ferment the batter for sometime to get fluffy ones. But I do make from fresh batter also.

Onion Uttapam

10. Masala Uttapam

Masala uttapam is my favorite one too. This is similar to plain uttapam or onion uttapam. But here in place of onion and tomatoes, mashed potatoes are used as topping layer.

Masala Uttapam

11. Sandwich Uttapam

Sandwich uttapam is another variation to masala uttapam. I love making these uttapam. In this recipe, potato is stuffed between two layers of batter. This is not that difficult to make as it seems from name. Also this is really filling one. You can make this for your kids tiffin box also for a change. They will also love this.

Sandwich Uttapam

12. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a South Indian food made with batter of rice and lentils mixture. Mashed potato is basic stuffing for this masala dosa.

This is one of the best street food in Mumbai. Every street you will find one or two street side vendor selling these South Indian food.

Masala dosa sambar

13. Palak Moong Dal Chilla

Palak Moong Dal chilla is a savory Indian crepe that is made with lentils paste and some fine chopped spinach leaves. This is fluffy and soft chilla. For this dal chilla I’m using yellow moong dal or yellow dehusked gram. You can take any other lentils or mixture of 2 /3 lentils together.

Palak Moong Dal Chilla

14. Instant Rava Dosa

This is an instant dosa made with semolina in place of rice and lentils. To make rice and lentil batter you need to soak them overnight and ferment the batter for 6 hrs. But in case you don’t have batter ready you can make batter using semolina and curd or buttermilk. Also you can add some fine chopped or grated veggies to add some more nutrition to your pancake.

Though I have made this in smaller size as mini dosa you can make the same in regular uttapam or pan cakes. This is excellent kids tiffin box recipe also.

mini dosa

15. Bread Besan Toast

This is vegan savory french toast. Normally french toast is made with eggs. but gram flour or chickpea flour is best substitute for egg. This is easy to make and an easy kids tiffin box and breakfast recipe. Serve this with some crumbled paneer or tofu to make it complete menu.

Bread Besan Toast

16. Chilli Cheese Sandwich

This is a cheesy Mumbai street style sandwich. It’s basically has stuffing of peppers, onion and cheese. This is very easy to prepare and takes less than 10 minutes to make this sandwich. Serve with some extra cheese.

Chilli cheese sandwich

17. Pizza Sandwich

This is my kid’s favorite sandwich. So I make this very often. Well in this sandwich major ingredient is pizza sauce and cheese that gives the taste of that of the pizza. You can also add some veggies of your choice like bell peppers, mushrooms, onions etc. Otherwise you can simply add a cheese slice to make it even quick and simple.

Pizza Sandwich

18. Chilli Cheese Toast

Chilli cheese toast is an open face cheesy toast. This is again kids favorite. Here I have added some corn kernels, peppers as topping. Add cheese on top and sprinkle some oregano and chilli flakes. This doesn’t take more than 5 – 10 minutes at maximum.

Chilli cheese toast

19. Aloo paratha

Aloo paratha is an authentic Indian recipe especially in North India like UP and Punjab. This is one of my family’s favorite breakfast recipe. In this recipe, mashed potato is stuffed in dough and then shallow fried with ghee or butter. Serve this with curd or raita or with tea. You can make this for your kids tiffin box as well.

breakfast recipes

20. Gobi Paratha

This is again similar to aloo paratha but instead of potatoes, you need to take grated and spiced cauliflower for stuffing. Well this is equally delicious and tasty authentic Indian breakfast recipe. This is a winter special recipe as you will get best quality fresh cauliflower in winters. Other season just be careful of bugs and insects in gobi or cauliflower.

gobi paratha

21. Methi Paratha

Methi paratha is made with fresh fenugreek leaves. This is also a winter special recipe. If you are in metro and getting fresh methi leaves all season you can make anytime. Clean methi leaves well before adding to dough. Knead freshly chopped leaves with wheat flour. To make it little more crispy add little gram flour to this.

Methi Paratha

22. Mughlai Paratha

Originally this is a popular street food of eastern part of our country where they use egg and meat as stuffing in paratha. But this is a vegetarian version. Here we use paneer for stuffing. Also for this paratha I have taken whole wheat flour which is healthier than refined flour. This paratha is super soft and yummy that melts in mouth with first bite only.

Mughlai Paratha

23. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is another popular street food of Mumbai. I make this on weekends as we love variation on holidays and weekends. Preparation takes little more time but it’s worth as the final output is delicious pav bhaji.

This is an excellent street food and makes complete menu.

pav bhaji

24. Masala Pav

Masala Pav is another popular street food of Mumbai. This tastes similar to pav bhaji as ingredients are almost similar for these two items. Only difference is There is no veggies added to this masala pav. Pav Bhaji masala is used to spice it up.

Masala Pav

25. Maggi Masala

In this maggi masala I add lots of vegetables to make it healthier. This is quick and of course maggi is one of our favorite dish since childhood. Well this comes under junk food that means not good for everyday. But who eats this everyday. Once in a while we can make this veggies loaded maggi masala for our breakfast. Let e tell you this is irresistible for all maggi lovers.

maggi masala noodles

26. Aloo Kachori

This is again a North Indian delicacy. Aloo kachori is a potato stuffed poori. This is a deep fried snack. I still believe my mother in law makes world’s best aloo kachori. Well these are deep fried ones. And hence you can make them on any special occasions or once in a while. This is also kids friendly food. So this is a great tiffin box idea.

How to make Aloo Kachori

27. Spinach Corn Sandwich

This is again another healthy breakfast recipe you will just love. We use spinach and sweet corn and cook it to creamy texture before stuffing in breads. Spinach Corn sandwich is one of my all time favorite sandwich and I can make this any time. Serve this with some hot sauce or cilantro dip. Also a great kids tiffin box recipe.

spinach corn sandwich
Spinach Corn Sandwich

28. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is specially a fasting recipe in India but you can definitely make it on any other days as well. Well this is made with sabudana or tapioca pearls. This is gluten free and rich in carb. So if you are targeting low carb food you should avoid this. But since this is great source of carb, this is excellent baby food and kids tiffin box recipe. This is my baby’s favorite dish as well. So I make this quite often for his tiffin box.

sabudana khichdi

29. Sabudana Vada

Now add some mashed potatoes to soaked sabudana. shape them to patties and deep fry them. These make excellent tea time snack option and fasting food. Read more details how to make perfect sabudana vada.

Sabudana Vada

30. Instant Wheat Dosa

This is our childhood favorite breakfast. This is also an instant dosa. we make from whole wheat. but to make it crispy you can add some other flour to this as well.

Indian Breakfast Recipes

31. Bread Roll

Bread roll is an easy breakfast option. This is similar to bread pakoda but only difference is no flour is used to coat the stuffed bread. This is quick and easy recipe that is kids friendly. Serve these bread rolls with green chutney for taste. Traditionally we use potato stuffing but you can use scrumbled paneer or other veggies as well.

bread roll
Bread Roll

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Indian Breakfast Recipes

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