Oats Coriander Buttermilk – A healthy weight-loss drink

Oats Coriander Buttermilk – A healthy weight-loss drink

Oats Coriander Buttermilk

This oats and coriander buttermilk is one of my favourite drink when I was on my weight loss plan. This is so filling and such a nutritious drink. Let s talk why this is considered as weight loss drink.

The main ingredient in this oats and coriander buttermilk is oats and coriander leaves which are clear from the title of the recipe.

Lets see why these are main ingredients help in our weight loss of excess fat.

Ingredient 1 Oats : For weight loss

  1. It’s low in calorie, low in fat and high in protein and fiber which are essential for healthy weight-loss.
  2. It helps in reducing fat absorption from other foods we eat.
  3. Oats is full of fibers. Fibers help in proper digestion and helps in movement of food in digestive tract. Hence decreases bloating and constipation.
  4. Oats are whole grains. So while digesting whole grain body will use more energy to digest them in comparison to the refined products. So excess fat will be used in form of energy.

Foods that are rich in fibers : Oats, Quinoa, Barley, Lentils, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Guavas, Berry fruits

Try these oats. However you must try these multigrain oats for your weight loss plan.

  1. Quaker Oats
  2. Multigrain Oats
  3. Kellogg’s Oats

Friends I’m going to start my next series of weight loss diet plan.

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Ingredient 2 Coriander leaves: For weight loss

  1. Raw coriander leaves reduces sugar level in body
  2. It purifies blood and helps in proper digestion.
  3. It cleans gut and cleanses and detoxifies whole digestive system
  4. Reduces absorption of fat and speeds up weight loss

Ingredient 3 Ginger: For weight loss

  1. Ginger boosts metabolism and hence helps in fast weight reduction. If you will take 2 tsp of ginger juice alone in morning it will reduce lot of fat.

Ingredient 4 Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is healthier option to regular sea salt. It contains 84 minerals and traces. It has sodium along with other minerals. It’s truely hand mined and better option than regular table salt.

Table salt is heavily processed and thus has no other mineral than sodium and some added iodine to it. This results in bloating and heavy water absorption by body. This in turn results in weight gain because of water weight.

On the other hand Himalayan Salt is hand mined and has all 84 minerals with it. Low sodium content helps in reducing bloating and does not absorb excess water in our body. Hence no additional weight gain because of water weight. The minerals present in this salt helps in maintaining pH balance of body. So it fosters immunity and helps in digestion. It flushes out all toxins from our body.

Ingredient 5 Curd : For weight loss

Curd can help in weight-loss. Yes you heard it right. Though its a dairy product it’s believed to have weight loss properties. Lets talk about the “how” part of this.

Curd is a rich source of calcium and protein. High protein content in your diet will help you fast weight loss. It will also keep your bone strong and skin radiant. There are numerous benefits of curd in fact. Curd contain natural probiotics which are helpful in keeping your gut healthy and helps in digestion. The healthy bacteria present in this helps in healthy digestion and proper assimilation of nutrients from food. Again the high protein helps in protecting the lean muscle while shedding those extra fats from the body.


So now lets make this super healthy and at the same time super yummy Oats Coriander Buttermilk.

Oats Coriander Buttermilk - A healthy weight-loss drink

This super drink will help you get rid of those extra pounds. Its easy to prepare (less than 5 minutes).
Course Cold Beverage, Curd Special, Drinks, Weightloss Recipe
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 glass
Author daintykitchen


  • 1 fistful coriander leaves finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp oats
  • 1/2 inch ginger piece
  • 1 green chillies
  • 1 tsp flax seeds powder (Optional)
  • 1 pinch Himalayan Pink Salt or as per taste


  • Dry roast oats in a hot pan for 1 minutes. Then grind it to a smooth powder.
  • Grind all above ingredients together till its smooth. (powdered oats + ginger + curd + green chilli + flax seeds). Don't add water at this stage.
  • Add water to get required consistency.

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