North Indian Meal Plan 1

North Indian Meal Plan 1

India is a country of different culture, tradition. Everything differs when we travel from one part to different parts of our country.

But again with all differences we all make unity and that’s why India is famous for (Unity in Diversity).Same with Indian food. They are combination of different food of different regions of our country.

North, South, East, West & Central. All parts have their unique regional flavors to their food. Though all foods are equally flavorful and delicious. And moreover no regional food is restricted to only that area. e.g. In western part they also like street food like tikki chat of north. Only difference is they have a different name like Ragda Patties.

When we talk about North Indian Food, these are the most spicy, tangy and made with perfect blend of spices. I’m a great fan of North Indian Food. That’s what exactly our everyday dishes are.

You just name it I will count their nutritional values also. I’m so fond of them starting from street food to main course to desserts. These are easy to make as well.

Here is my North Indian Plate for lunch or dinner. You try any of the combination or whole list on your menu. They are equally delicious.

The whole preparation took me only 1 hr 30 minutes to make this full plate for 2. I had an added advantage 😉 I had few boiled potatoes in my refrigerator which saved my time. Simple, easy and tasty. I loved all of them. What else you need from your plate 🙂

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What’s on my plate?

This plate has Jeera Rice, Methi Paratha, Dal Palak, Aloo Baingan, Aloo Methi, Aloo Jeera, Kofta Curry, Aloo Tomato, Raita, Vermicelli Kheer.

If you notice maximum potato/ aloo dishes as potato is one of the most loved vegetable. These are cooked with combination of other green or leafy vegetables.

They looked so delicious. I’m sure you would love to make the whole combination.

North Indian Meal

Jeera Rice:

This is really tasty and you can take this with plain dal tadka. This has dominating flavor of cumin seeds. It can be prepared in many ways. You may pressure cook it or even you have left over rice then add tampering of cumin seeds to this. Garnish with coriander leaves. Many people add whole spices as well but I prefer only cumin seeds as that gives more prominent flavor of cumin seeds.

Dal Palak:

When you are lazy to cook dal/ curry for you, this is an onepot food you can trust. Its full of protein, fiber and other vitamins, minerals. So easy to prepare. Just pressure cook and add tampering. You can use left over dal also with sauteed spinach greens. Check out recipe here.

Dal Palak
Dal Palak

Add 1 tsp ghee to it and it will taste heavenly. This goes well with both rice and flat breads.

Also read methi dal recipe.

Aloo Tomato:

One more easy recipe. If you have boiled potatoes, its even quicker. I love this without onion and garlic. This is also food one can make for fasting days. This is one of my favorite curry during navratri vrat or monday fasting days. A dash of hing tastes great in this curry.

Aloo Tomato

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Kofta Curry:

Koftas are normally north Indian delicacies which are normally deep fried dumplings. You can add vegetables of your choice to make different kofta curry. Here I have made lauki kofta curry. Check out recipe here.


Aloo Jeera: 

One of the quick dish with minimal use of spices. In this dish potatoes are sauteed with cumin seeds. The major spice is whole cumin seeds. I have added coriander leaves and coriander powder and green chillies for this dish. Check out the recipe here.

Aloo Jeera

Aloo Methi Fry:

Methi Aloo Fry

Potatoes are really special in any Indian food. They make the dish more interesting and tempting. I love when they are sauteed with any green & leafy vegetables. e.g. aloo methi, aloo palak, laal saag etc.

Aloo Baingan:

Potatoes and brinjals are sauteed with middle eastern spices. An easy recipe for dinner or side dish for your meal plate. Check out recipe here.

aloo baingan

Methi Paratha:

Methi paratha is made by mixing methi leaves or fenugreek leaves with wheat flour while kneading. add extra salt and spices. This is one of the healthier and more over great way to feed methi to kids. Recipe here.

Methi Paratha

Also read aloo paratha recipe.


Raita is a savory curd preparation. it complements the plate. Our food is incomplete without raita or chaas. You can make raita with many variations. Like plain raita, boondi raita, carrots raita, cucumber and onion raita etc etc.


Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding):

This is one of the easiest dessert which takes less than 15 minutes to prepare for 6 – 8 servings. Just boil vermicelli in milk. Add sugar and chopped nuts and dry fruits. Recipe here.

vermicelli pudding

Also read rice pudding recipe here.

So this is my first North Indian Thali Meal. Many more to come on your table. I’m sure you would love them. So stay connected and subscribe to get regular updates on recipe.

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