Benefits of Green Gram (Green Moong/ Hara Moong Dal)

Benefits of Green Gram

Green Gram or Moong beans were first cultivated in India. During Harappan civilisation these were produced in Punjab and Haryana. Today they are grown in India, China, all parts of Asia. But 70% of production comes from India.

India is largest producer as well as consumer of green gram. Green gram accounts for 10 -15% of total pulse production of country. Moong production is largely concentrated (70%) in 5 states i.e. Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujurat & Bihar.

Green gram bean otherwise known as moong dal is a staple food in Indian Cuisine. This is a lentil. This can be served in both savory and sweet dishes. However, sweet version is made from skin less yellow moong dal. This green moong dal goes well with rice and roti well. This is one of the easiest dishes to prepare.

It can be consumed in raw soaked, in sprouted as well as in cooked form (whole or split). When cooked, it can be served as dal, soup and curry. Read my whole moong dal in two ways recipes here.

Hara Moong Dal

As this is light, this is used in preparation of Khichdi which is easy to digest. This Khichdi is normally served if suffering from stomach upset or digestive disorders. Read my moong dal khichdi recipe here,

split green gram
Raw Split Green Gram/ Moong Dal
moong dal khichdi
Moong Dal Khichdi

 This is tasty in all forms.  It’s very filling and full of nutrition. Because of its nutritional properties it’s counted in super foods and essential for healthy life. This is beneficial if you are planning for weight loss.

Note: Soak the dal for 3 -4 hours to get full nutrition of it. It will help reducing anti nutrients which are naturally present in all beans and legumes. This makes it easier to digest and reduces flatulence.

Nutritional Value of Green Gram:

This is healthiest form of plant protein and has amino acids which are considered as building blocks of protein. These are high source of nutrients including manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B. It’s rich in protein, and dietary fibre. This lentil is low in carbohydrates which differentiates it from the other lentils. Due to low glycemic index this is one of the super foods for diabetic patients as it helps in regulating blood sugar.

Because of high in protein and fibre it helps in weight-loss as well. However this super food has many other properties. It also has anti-aging properties and helps in stimulating hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin and helps in keeping you younger. Recent research has shown that having adequate vitamin K is important in preventing heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease. And you would be surprised to know it has 32% Vitamin K per 1 serving. So friends include this in your daily diet.

1 Cup Cooked dal has 212k cal energy, protein 14g (48%), fat 1g (1%), fibre 15g (65%), sugar 4g. it has folate 321 mcg (100%), Magnesium 97mg (36%), vitamin B1 .33mg ( 36%), manganese 0.6mg (33%), zinc 7 mg (24%), calcium 55mg (5%), potassium 1246mg (36%),

Benefits of Green gram:

  • These are easily digestible because of high fibres in it which in turn increases over all metabolism of body.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties. Hence helps in reducing bloating.
  • As it has anti-oxidant property it helps in keeping the immune system strong.
  • It contains a large no of phyto-nutrients which are anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory. Thus increases immunity and helps fighting harmful bacteria and virus.
  • This is also rich in iron content and hence helpful in treating anaemia.
  • The iron also helps in supplying oxygen to blood and other tissues of our body.
  • Because of high fibres and protein it helps in fast weight-loss. Each 100gm has 15gm dietary fibre.
  • Its high potassium and low sodium helps in regulating blood pressure and keeping a check on it.
  • It has anti-aging properties because of the copper content in it. It helps in secretion of elastin, collagen. And hence it makes you look prettier with radiant skin.
  • Calcium content helps in keeping bones strong.
  • Presence of magnesium helps in regulating BP. It eases blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
  • Due to low glycemic index this is one of the super foods for diabetic patients as it helps in regulating blood glucose level and sugar.

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