Essential Kitchen Tools and Utensils You Must Have

Essential Kitchen Tools and Utensils You Must Have

This post was actually planned when I had posted my third post on blog about “Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen and Cooking”. But with more and more recipes I forgot to post what I wanted to share a years back.

Read my beginners guide to cooking and kitchen here.

Nevertheless I am going to do that today. I have published two cook books also for beginners. But again I have unpublished that for some modification in the book. And I will republish that soon.

Well, let’s see the essential kitchen utensils and tools required. I will share the products that are budget friendly and not too expensive (unnecessarily).

You don’t need to spend a lot in buying luxury brands. But lot of variety is available now a days, online and offline both.

Get good quality products which will meet your requirement.

E.g. while buying a pan or wok or kadai, look for a heavy bottom ones because when the pan is thin it increases the chance of burning food and spoil it completely. Check for thickness while buying cookware.

Also look for material of cookwares that you are going to use. Normally for everyday cooking we use stainless steel and iron utensils as these are easy to maintain.

But non-stick kadai and pans are the best I must say. I personally use them for cooking. That also comes with easy maintenance. If the product is of cheap quality the outer coating will remove in short span of time.

This is not any sponsored product review but here I will share some products that I use personally and I’m a satisfied user.

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Below are the essential kitchen tools and most used utensils in my kitchen.

1. Small Pan / Tadka Pan

A small pan is essential for tadka or omelette. Tadka pans are even smaller than small pans. You can have both. Tadka pan can only be used to prepare tampering or tadka. Whereas the small pans you can use for multiple purpose.

If you are bachelor or cooking for 2 person then small pan will serve both for cooking and tadka. So choose as per your requirement and budget.

Tadka Pan

Price: Rs 199/-

Click Here To Shop Tadka Pan.

Personally I like Solimo (by Amazon) brand. Products come in reasonable and affordable price.

However this is not compatible with Induction. Works on stove top only.

Small Pan/ Omelette Pan

Discounted Price: Rs. 290/-

Click Here To Shop Small Pan/ Omelette Pan.

Compatible with gas top only (not on induction)

It’s reasonable also at Rs.290/-

If you will go for combo cooking set then you don’t need to buy individual pans. That’s why I always prefer to buy in combo. Again when you will buy in set of 3 / 4/ 5 and compare the prices with individual products, combos are always cheaper.

I have one more suggestion of stainless steel pan.

Price Rs 399/-

Click here to buy stainless steel pan

This has stainless steel body with induction friendly base.

You may use this to saute your vegetables or make sauces.

2. Large Frying Pan/ Kadai

Price Rs 1263/-

Click here to shop large frying pan

This one is super cool multipurpose wok. It comes with a glass lid. (I have the same pan.)

This is a non-stick cookware with durable granite coating.

This is dishwasher safe and induction compatible.

3. Tawa/ Flat Pan

Tawa is generally used to make roti, paratha, dosa etc. This is an essential cookware for me.

Tawa is generally of two types, i.e. concave and flat.

Flat tawa is necessary to make dosa, crepes, pancakes. And concave tawa is for roti, chapati, paratha etc.

Flat Tawa Price: Rs. 1022/-

Click here to buy this flat tawa.

This is a flat tawa. It will serve purpose of both flat tawa and concave tawa.

If you make dosa, crepes etc often, I will suggest this product.

If you don’t make dosa, and need only for everyday cooking of roti, paratha then you may choose to buy concave tawa.

Concave Tawa Price: Rs 499/-

Click here to buy concave tawa.

These concave tawa or pans are not compatible with induction and works on gas top only.

There is another option. You can buy one combo set where you will get 3 or 5 things and of course you will get some discounted price.

Price Rs. 1637/-

Click here to buy the combo set.

It’s a 3 piece set and comes with one large kadai, one small pan and one tawa.

If you will buy products individually it will cost you around Rs. 2500/- But the set comes in 1637/- only.

This is another beautiful set by Wonderchef.

Click here to buy wonderchef basic cookware set.

This set is not very costly. It comes at only Rs. 1845/-.

4. SaucePan

Saucepan is necessary to boil milk, making tea or coffee, making stews or soups. This is a basic requirement in our kitchen.

Price Rs 340/-

Click here to buy this stainless steel saucepan.

This is a stainless steel saucepan which is induction friendly also.

I believe we should always buy products that works on both gas top and induction.

If you are looking for non-stick saucepan there are many options.

Price Rs. 860/-

Click here to buy this non-stick sauce pan.

This is induction compatible and dishwasher safe.

Capacity is 1.5 L comes with durable non-stick coating.

5. Pressure Cooker

Click here to buy Pigeon 3 L pressure cooker.

While buying pressure cooker I always go with brand. Because safety first friends.

Low quality and cheap products may lead to accidents.

There are certain brands you may trust on quality base like Hawkins, Pigeon, Prestige. I always had pressure cooker from these 3 brands only. I never do any experiment when it comes to pressure cooker.

It has aluminium body with induction friendly base. You can choose this with different capacity like 1 l, 3L or 5L depending size of your family and requirement.

6. Kitchen Tools

Click here to buy essential kitchen tools

Price Rs. 489/-

These cooking utilities are must haves.

Ensure you have them in your kitchen and they are really useful. 

Here is a set of 5 tools are are required in our everyday cooking.

The set has (from left to right)

  • Pakad (pot holder) 
  • Potato Masher
  • Lemon Squeezer
  • Chimta
  • Wired Whisk

7. Wooden Ladle Set

Click here to buy wooden ladle set.

Price Rs. 349/-

If you are using non-stick cookware, you may need wooden ladle set.

This will increase life of cookware causing no damage to it’s top coating.

This is a 7 piece ladle set with a wooden container to keep the ladle and spoon set.

8. Container Set/ Pot/ Tope

Price Rs. 1499/-

Click here to buy stainless steel pot set with lids.

We need utensils like pots and tope to keep food after cooking. These are used in multiple purpose like in heating food or boiling water/ milk etc.

You can replace saucepan with one tope also.

It contains 5 pots with different capacity and 5 lids for these pots.

9. Stainless steel Cooking Ladle Set

Price Rs. 339/-

Click here to buy this set of 4 cooking ladles from solimo brand.

Set of 4 ladle helpful for cooking and serving both. So fulfils two purpose at cheaper price.

9. Chakla Belan

Price Rs. 349/-

Click here to buy wooden chakla belan.

You may consider buying stone made chakla belan but wooden ones are lighter in weight and convenient to use also.

I prefer wooden ones.

There is also metal chakla belan available in market. Not sure about it.

10. Mortar & Pestle

Price Rs. 350/-

Click her to buy mortar & pestle.

This is again an essential item for everyday cooking.

We use this to ground spices, to mince ginger garlic etc.

Freshly ground spices brings that extra punch of aroma in our food

You may get some metal ones also. Clean it after every use.

11. Knives Set

Price Rs. 290/-

Click here to buy this 8 piece knife and peeler set.

I have mentioned in my earlier post choose knives wisely.

Remember sharp knives are the best and safe. Read why?

12. Colanders & strainers


Click her to buy colander with lid.

And guess what now you can make paneer at home easily and quickly.

I was looking for this in local stores but finally I got this from amazon. Just bought this now.

Read my post on how to make soft paneer at home in 15 minutes.

Price Rs. 260/-

Else you can buy a regular colander that is without lid.

Click here to buy this colander.

You can use this to wash your vegetables, grains and to strain out rice or boiled veggies, maggi, pasta, etc etc..

It’s used for multiple purpose in fact.

13. Spice Box

Price Rs. 221/-
Price Rs. 421/-

Last but not the least, this is most important thing we need in our kitchen. Keep your spices assorted and organised while cooking as this adds life to the dish. I call this magic box.

14. Spoon & Fork Set

Price Rs 299/-

There is huge range infact. Choose any looking at your budget and requirement.

Consider sets that have butter knife also so that you don’t need to buy them additionally.

Also I just came across another useful tip from my friend and blogger regarding measurement cups and basic understanding of kitchen conversion units like ounces, cups etc. Please read full article here.

How Many Ounces in a Cup?

So this is an extensive list of essential kitchen tools and utensils you need to set up your kitchen. These items are budget friendly and you will get good quality in that budget. These are my suggestions only. You may love to choose your products based on your budget and experience.

I will share some other essential kitchen appliances and gadgets in my coming posts.

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